For Medical Institutions
CureApp Smoking Cessation

By providing patient specific guidance to the user depending on the status of their smoking cessation treatment and their daily physical condition, CureApp effectively helps to mitigate the psychological aspects of nicotine addiction thereby contributing to the successful treatment of nicotine addiction.

Co-developed with the Keio University Respiratory Internal Medicine Classroom Patent Acquired on March 31, 2017.

Why CureApp Deals with Smoking Cessation Treatment

Smoking has a high mortality rate, and support for treating the psychological dependence of addiction is lack, therefore reduces the success of the treatment methods. We hope to change this situation using technology.

A Comparative Risk Assessment” (2007) found that Smoking is the number one leading cause of death in Japan.
A study entitled “Adult Mortality Attributable to Preventable Risk Factors for Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries in Japan
Source) THE LANCET Japan Special Issue (September 2011) Japan: Public Health the entire 50 years since the achievement of insurance: Why are Japanese citizens healthy? (Welfare Science Research: comprehensive empirical research on the medical insurance system in Japan, created by Shibuya Kenji)
The current methods for the psychological dependence aspects of nicotine addiction are not sufficient.
Nicotine Addiction Treatment

There are two aspects of nicotine dependence: physical dependence and psychological dependence. Although smoking cessation aids have an impact on the physical aspects of nicotine dependence, currently, there is no empirically backed evidence for the treatment of the psychological aspect of nicotine addiction. For this reason a treatment that can stop the psychological aspect of nicotine addiction is required.

Portable Instrument for Measuring CO Levels in Breath Integrated Treatment Application

Measurement of CO concentration levels in breath as an objective indicator of the success or failure of smoking cessation treatment. Such measurements are important and stipulations state that they should be made regularly. In fact, the smoking cessation rate is confirmed only by "self-assessments", "self-reports" and the "exhaled CO concentration values". There is also evidence and theories that indicate there is a divergence between the confirmed quit rate, and the actual quit rate of smoking cessation. The CO concentration measurement is useful for accurately confirming the success or failure of a patient’s success at quitting smoking. Furthermore, conventional exhaled CO concentration measuring instruments are not available for individual patients due to their size and cost. This makes it necessary for patients to visit medical institutions such as hospital facilities with the required equipment to obtain measurements.

At our company, we have taken the above diagnostic issues into consideration. In order to make it possible to measure the exhaled breath CO concentration of patients on a daily basis and improve the accuracy of the course of treatment even in the case of remote medical care, we propose a solution integrated with the IoT device X therapy application with the following three features. (1) Miniaturization and portability, (2) low cost and (3) visualization of measurement results at frequent intervals.

Nicotine addiction management fee information facility standards (4) external link.

For Medical Institutions
CureApp NASH

Regarding the pathology and life expectancy prognosis of NASH which currently does not have an effective treatment intervention process, improvement of NASH treatment is expected through CureApps’ ability to continuously conduct clinical guidance optimized for individual patients in addition to hospital visits.

Co-developed with the University of Tokyo School of Medicine Affiliated Hospital

Why CureApp Deals with Liver Treatment

Although the reason is still not fully known to the world, fatty liver disease can progress to cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer. This leads to a situation with a high risk of death. Despite this, the treatment of fatty liver disease has yet to be well established. CureApp aims to create a new treatment method to prevent such serious problems using the power of technology.

As fatty liver disease, liver cirrhosis or liver cancer progress, the risk of death and consequent medical expenses increase greatly.

Progression from fatty liver disease to liver cirrhosis greatly increases the likelihood of a patient developing liver cancer. If diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, it is impossible for the liver to return to a normal state, thus it necessary to provide appropriate treatment at the fatty liver stage.

First edition of "Health Management Support Mobile Health Program" for corporations.
ascure smoking cessation program

In order to make use of knowledge accumulated in the development of "treatment applications" for medical institutions for promoting the health of private enterprises, we are developing "health management support programs" for corporations. As for the first step, we offer a new smoking cessation guidance program. In response to the problems of conventional nonsmoking outpatient / smoking cessation programs, we utilize technology to provide new solutions.
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