We strive to advance medicine with digital technology

CureApp is developing "Digital Therapeutics (DTx)" in order to treat conditions that have not been effectively treated by conventional therapies. Different from the conventional treatment methods with drugs and devices, DTx apps prescribed by healthcare providers focus on behavior modification. We strongly believe that therapeutics using mobile applications will soon become the standard method of treatment.

Recently, ICT-based (Information Communication Technology) initiatives are gaining popularity in the occupational health field. However, not all initiatives provide valuable evidence-based support. CureApp developed the "ascure mobile health program" for private corporations with a mission to "deliver effective health solutions for disease prevention based on high-level evidence." For the program, we fully applied our knowledge and experience in developing therapeutic applications.

With the products and services, we aim to contribute to improve public health, solve medical care system issues, and reduce medical expenses.

Products for healthcare providers: "Digital therapeutics"

Our applications use algorithms equipped with medical know-how to analyze a patient's daily data obtained through smartphones and other devices. The apps also provide personalized treatment intervention for each patient based on the patient data. In addition, they can improve the quality of consultations by the providers by providing appropriate medical insights about the patient.

DTx: an emerging treatment

Therapeutic effect of such apps is now being recognized around the world as more countries approve digital therapeutics. We strongly believe digital therapeutics will become are a natural choice for treatment in the near future.

DTx: an emerging treatment

DTx features

Evidence-based therapeutic apps

Distinct from many wellness applications, we carefully design and validate our therapeutic apps with clinical studies and trials in order to provide clinically validated and regulatory approved products to the clinical practice.

Therapeutic app features 1

Optimized guidance content, location, and timing for each patient

Our algorithm analyzes and provides appropriate medical intervention based on each patient’s characteristics and circumstances taken from the patient's input data, daily progress, and physical condition.

Therapeutic app features 2

Dramatically improved intervention frequency: overcoming "treatment gaps" between clinical visits

Patients have to fight their conditions by themselves between medical consultations (outside hospital/at home), which creates “treatment gaps.” It has been difficult for healthcare providers to follow up adequately during the treatment gaps. Our therapeutics apps can provide medically appropriate personalized guidance in real-time during the gaps to improve the quality of care.

Therapeutic app features 3

Improve the efficiency of counseling with summarized patient data

Currently, providers require a long time for a consultation to grasp the detailed changes in a patient’s condition from the patient’s last visit. Our therapeutic apps support the provider's decision-making process and improve counseling efficacy by providing summarized large patient data from the treatment gaps.

Therapeutic app features 4