Company Name CureApp (CureApp, Inc.)
Head Office 103-0001 Kodenma-Cho YS building 4th floor
12-5, Nihonbashi Kodenma-Cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
US subsidiary CureApp North America, Inc.
440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale CA, 94085
Established July 31, 2014
Founder Kohta Satake, Shin Suzuki


July 2014
  • CureApp, Inc was established.
December 2014
  • Selected for "I-Challenge! (the ICT Innovation Creation Challenge Program)" sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
February 2015
  • Procured approximately 30 million yen by raising capital through third-party allocation.
  • Started clinical research on applications for treating nicotine addiction at Keio University Hospital.
October 2015
  • Procured approximately 70 million yen by raising capital through third-party allocation.
  • Granted the The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Monodzukuri Grant".
November 2015
  • Made the decision to adopt NEDO "research and development type venture support".
February 2016
  • Achieved second-class medical device manufacturing and sales business status.
October 2016
  • The Department of Gastroenterology and the University of Tokyo Medical School Hospital and NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) Clinical research of therapeutic applications began.
  • Obtained an Information Security Management System (ISMS).
January 2017
  • Selected for the "HIYAKU Next Enterprise" Program sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (dispatched to Silicon Valley).
February 2017
  • Procured approximately 380 million yen by raising capital through third-party allocation.
April 2017
  • Launched the "ascure smoking cessation program" as the first series of a mobile health program for corporate users.
October 2017
  • Started clinical tests on applications for treating nicotine addiction.
February 2018
  • Procured approximately 1.5 billion yen by raising capital through third-party allocation.
March 2018
  • Acquired the "Privacymark (P mark)," provided by JIPDEC.
June 2018
  • Started clinical research on hypertension treatment applications at multiple institutions, including Jichi Medical University Hospital.
  • Selected for the "J-Startup" Program sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
March 2019
  • Established CureApp North America, Inc.
April 2019
  • Launched the "ascure STEPS" lifestyle improvement program, a mobile health program for corporate users.
May 2019
  • Announced the results of Japan's first "clinical test of an app" at the American Thoracic Society 2019 International Conference.
  • Announced the effectiveness of the treatment applications for nicotine addiction in smoking cessation outpatient clinics via Phase III clinical trials in Japan.
August 2019
  • Procured approximately 2.3 billion yen by raising capital through third-party allocation.
May 2020
  • The First Phase 3 Clinical Trials of "Digital Therapeutics" for Hypertension Begin in Japan.
June 2020
  • CureApp Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum.
August 2020
  • CureApp Named to the 2020 CB Insights Digital Health 150 -- List of Most Innovative Digital Health Startups.
  • Asia’s First Prescription “Digital Therapeutic” Approved in Japan ; Nicotine Addiction Treatment App with CO Checker Receives Regulatory Approval.
December 2020
  • CureApp SC, Digital Therapeutic for Nicotine Addiction: Introducing a New Form of App-based Prescription Treatment Reimbursed in Japan’s Public Healthcare Insurance System.
March 2021
  • Raised over 2.1 billion yen by through an allocation of newly issued common stock, reaching a cumulative of over 6.4 billion yen to date.
  • Our hypertension therapeutics app, has completed a Japanese Phase III multi-center randomized controlled trial. The research for the app was carried out in collaboration with a team led by Professor Kazuomi Kario at Jichi Medical University.
May 2021
  • Began clinical trial for digital therapeutics for alcoholism at Okayama City Hospital in Japan
July 2021
  • CureApp launches an online smoking cessation platform, ascureDr for Smoking Cessation, for health insurance associations, companies, and municipalities, which provides easier access to the therapeutic apps.
August 2021
  • Selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Project to Build Next-Generation Wellness Solutions. (Content related to the development of a program to prevent serious diseases, specializing in hypertension prevention)
  • Presented the clinical trial results of a hypertension treatment app at ESC Congress 2021, and published the results in the European Heart Journal.
September 2021
  • CureApp was selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Startup Promotion Project, PoC Ground Tokyo.
October 2021
  • CureApp released CureApp Community, a portal site that promotes doctors from all over Japan to get together and communicate with each other.
  • CureApp’s alcoholism treatment project was selected for AMED’s Medical-Industrial Collaboration Innovation Promotion Project.
November 2021
  • Added a page about sustainability efforts.
  • Listed on Nikkei Trendy (a Japanese business newspaper) "2022 Hit Prediction Ranking".
  • "Online Non-smoking support by instructors" and "On-line non-smoking treatment by doctor" with "POC GROUND TOKYO" in the Tokyo Metropolitan Startup Supplementary Experiment Promotion Project.
December 2021
  • Partnered with a medical corporation Yumino to develop a chronic heart failure treatment app.
  • Won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in the 21st JAPAN Venture Awards.
  • "2021 Japan Excellent Products and Service Award" Winner award.
March 2022
  • Reported the verification results of the project for establishing “Next generation wellness solution” supported by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, contributed to the lifestyle modification of the patient in the “Serious Hypertension Prevention Program”.
  • “Digital Therapeutic App for Hypertension” approved by the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Medical Device program Investigation Committee) .
April 2022
  • Received the Marketing authorization (Regulatory Approval) for the “Digital Therapeutic App for Hypertension”.
June 2022
  • Paper about cost-effectiveness of Digital Therapeutic App for Hypertension is published in Hypertension Research Journal.
August 2022
  • A license agreement with Sawai Group Holdings for the development and marketing of a DTx solution in the NASH field.
September 2022
  • Digital Therapeutic App for Hypertension: Introducing a New Form of App-based Prescription Treatment Reimbursed in Japan’s Public Healthcare Insurance System.
December 2022
  • Clinical trial begins for the alcohol addiction treatment app.
January 2023
  • "ascure Smoking Cessation," a fully online smoking cessation program, reaches 300 corporate installations.
April 2023
  • "ascureDr. medical consultation recommendations (Hypertension)" service starts.
June 2023
  • "ascure Preventive Care (Blood Pressure Course)" service starts.
  • Received Judging Committee's Special Award of Startup Award 2023 (NIPPON STARTUP AWARD)
September 2023
  • Selected for the GSAP (Global Startup Acceleration Program) hosted by Alchemist and JETRO
October 2023
  • Selected for the “J-Startup Impact” (startup development support program)sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • “ascure smoking cessation program” adopted as Osaka City’s smoking cessation support program
  • Digital health program “ascure” is introduced to 350 corporate entities including Osaka City and other municipalities, corporate health insurance societies, and employers.