Creating the Future of Treatment with an Application

There are a few diseases that remain with limited medical intervention and medical approaches based on pharmaceutical and medical equipment.

However, with the evolution of technology, it is becoming clear that interventions in daily life through the use of apps for various disease groups produce remarkable therapeutic effects.

By introducing innovative therapeutic software equipment such as "Digital Therapeutics" to medical treatment fields, we will create new therapeutic devices that could not be achieved with conventional medical treatments. We strive to become supporters of the "lives" of patients who are in the midst of illness.

President and Representative Director (Doctor) Kohta Satake

Company Info

Company Name
CureApp (CureApp, Inc.)
Head Office
Kodenma-Cho YS building 4th floor
12-5, Nihonbashi Kodenma-Cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
July 31, 2014
President and CEO: Doctor Kohta Satake
Director CDO: Doctor Shin Suzuki
Major Shareholder
Beyond Next Ventures
No. 1 Investment Limited Liability Partnership,
Keio Innovation Initiative
No. 1 Investment Limited Partnership Association,
SBI Venture Business Growth Support Investment Business
Limited Partnership Association
Trademark Registration
"CureApp" "Digital Therapeutics" "prescription application"


July 2014
CureApp, Inc was established.
November 2014
Keio University School of Medicine Department of Respiratory
Internal Science and the joint development of
the Nicotine Addiction Digital Therapeutics began.
February 2015
Approximately 30 million yen capital was raised from Beyond Next Ventures.
February 2015
Keio University Hospital smoking cessation outpatient treatment
of nicotine addiction and application clinical trials began.
October 2015
Approximately 70 million yen capital raised from Beyond Next Ventures.
October 2015
Granted the The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Monodzukuri Grant".
November 2015
Began the development of the fatty liver application with the University of Tokyo.
November 2015
November 2015: Made the decision to adopt NEDO "research and development
type venture support".
February 2016
Achieved second-class medical device manufacturing and sales business status.
October 2016
The Department of Gastroenterology and the University of Tokyo
Medical School Hospital and NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis)
Clinical research of therapeutic applications began.
February 2017
Beyond Next Ventures, Keio Innovation Initiative,
Third-party allocation of new shares totaled an amount of 380 million yen
underwritten by SBI Investments.
April 2017
The "ascure" smoking cessation program began offering services
as the first mobile health program for corporate users.