Re-evolving “therapeutics” with software

We strive for the ideal of medical care,
a world where all people can receive high-quality treatment without worry.
Evolving treatment with the power of technology,
we will solve the social issues surrounding healthcare and realize ideal medical care.


Pioneering the field of digital therapeutics

We aim for a world where personalized digital therapeutics is widely recognized and adopted by prescribing physicians, and our mobile applications are a natural choice in the practice of evidence-based medicine.


At CureApp, each employee focuses on four values, "C. U. R. E."
We make various efforts to realize these four values.

Chase the ideal

We believe not compromising on each challenge will lead us to the ideal solution. The value leads us to the correct direction when we face difficult decisions or troubles.

be Unique

Being “unique” can generate new values to society and provide a wonderful experience for everyone around CureApp.

be Responsible

To acquire the leadership to accomplish something, you must have a sense of owning the issue. Working on your daily tasks with a sense of ownership allows you to live a full life.

Enrich your loved ones

Isn’t it true that you can feel really happy when enriching others around you? At the end of each day, look back on it like this: "Have I been able to enrich my loved ones today?"