Having graduated from the Keio University School of Medicine, he engaged in clinical work at the Japanese Red Cross Society Medical Center, and was involved in the medical treatment of many patients as a respiratory physician. In 2012, he went off to study abroad at overseas graduate schools gaining global experience in China and the United States. After graduating from a US graduate school with a Major in public health, he has been engaged in medical informatics research. After returning home to Japan, he founded CureApp Inc. in 2014. Even now, he continues his clinical practice once a week and remains in the medical scene. He completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) as well as a Masters of Public Health from the John Hopkins University School of Public Health (MPH) in the United States.

Kota SatakeChief Executive Officer and Doctor

During my clinical experience as a doctor, a certain paper on medical information science that I read during my studies at graduate school in the United States piqued my attention. It showed the possibility of "treatment with software" in a clinical setting. Even when I read it now it is as though I was reading it for the first time and I can still remember the impact it had on me. A new treatment approach called "therapeutic application", one different from all other existing treatments such as medicines and medical devices that can give a new hope to patients suffering from diseases which could not be treated before. We are proud that we can contribute to solving many social issues such as disparity between communities and interregional medical disparities using this type of treatment.

Having graduated from the Keio University School of Medicine he began programming since he was in college, and became an entrepreneur. He accumulated experience in development technology at the Kayak Technical Study Abroad Program and genome analysis experience at the University of Tokyo Medical Science Institute. In 2013, the application he developed won the site an innovation gold medal at the Society of Artificial Intelligence. In 2014, he saw the potential of Satake's vision and joined as a founding member of CureApp. He directed the overall development of the App including the technical selections, development and operations as the CDO, incorporating new technological trends and actively attacking the issues.

Shin SuzukiChief Development Officer and Doctor

Originally I was doing medical research through programming at my graduate school. However, after hearing the concept of this project from Satake, as a doctor, I felt it had great potential in the future of treatment with software. As an engineer I could see the pleasure that would come with challenging a new area of "treatment". I thought that it would be very honorable to be able to work on this project with both of our points of view and to be able to jointly found this company while reworking the compass of my life. In order to realize a vision that remains unchanged from its origins, we will constantly mobilize our skills and put all of our effort into the development of the company on a daily basis.

Having Graduated from Kyoto University Law School and passing the (former) state law examination, he participated in domestic VC, worked as a Bain & Company strategic consultant and then engaged in numerous projects centered around medicine and healthcare. He acquired a wide range of findings in the industry from structure to value in the area of pharmaceuticals from medical R&D to marketing and sales. From 2012 to 2013 he studied abroad (taking a leave of absence) at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). From there he began to see the potential of Satake's business vision that was synchronous to his own ideas and started working with the CureApp team in October of 2016.

Hisashi MiyataChief Operating Officer

Working as Strategic consultant while participating on projects for many pharmaceutical companies in the era of firm farms, I am keenly aware of the decline in the innovation that the pharmaceutical industry faces, such as the patent cliff problem, a decline in the probability of new drug creation and a dramatic increase in creation costs. We also face a decline in the global presence of Japanese companies. The CEIBS CEO who I met during my time studying abroad made me realize that Satake 's vision is exactly what the medical industry is asking for and that it is an epoch - making innovations that can transmit global standards to Japan- It is this that made me decide to join this start-up venture.

Graduated with double major in Information Communication Technology and International Management ,he joined in Toyota Advanced Product planning department, After that he joined in 2 strategic consulting firms with focus on Healthcare, Automotive, Consumer business, Digital Marketing, Technology and Financial services. He focuses on the fields of Corporate Strategy Planning, Entry strategy,Product development and digital marketing strategy. Also he has extensive experiences in M&A deal and startup fund raising.

Habib ImamHead of Global Expansion

While working in Biggest Automobile company as Product Planner, He urgently feel that Japanese companies are still lag behind their global rivals in the most important markets. After that as a Strategic consultant, he firmly believes that Perpetuation for many Japanese companies may rely on their competence to immeasurably increase overseas revenues and profits, given demographic and economic trends that broach slower or stagnant growth in the home market. When He first met Miyata and Satake with their global vision with CureApp, he feels that CureApp has robust potential of rejuvenate Japanese leading global legacy in healthcare field and joined with the same boat.

Having completed his degree from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School in Science and Engineering he has been engaged in the investment and support of university-originated ventures and ideas from the start-up stage since 2008. As a person in charge of an industry-academia collaborative investment group at JAFCO Co., Ltd., his major investment destinations include CYBERDYNE, Spiber, Microwave Chemistry, Quantum Biosystems, and more. He established Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd. in August 2014 and is currently operating a No. 5 fund of 5.5 billion yen specializing in incubation investments started from universities

Takeshi Itoan Outside Director

Until now, we have been supporting research and development-type and technology-based ventures originating from academia from the founding stage to investment supporting and commercialization. I realize without a doubt that there are many attractive ideas in Japanese academia. I hope that the "treatment application" developed by CureApp will contribute to reducing medical expenses and will bring a change in the medical world with its mobile technology. Each member is an attractive part of the team with various individual strengths. I believe that there exists the potential to reach deeply into the world, which I have supported from the beginning.

After serving as the development manager at Yahoo Japan Corporation, he worked as a technical manager of Cookpad Co., Ltd. in 2010 to engage in the improvement of technical capabilities and the recruitment of engineers to create the foundation of today. In January 2015, he established Bit Journal Co., Ltd., and is developing an information sharing tool "Kibela" that makes personal transmission a part of the organization. With the desire to make use of knowledge and experience on organization creation centering on engineers, he also serves as a technical advisor of several companies.

Masahiro IharaTechnical Advisor

As a technical adviser, I give advice from my own experiences with regards to organizational construction, such as technical reviews of coding and design, improvement of development capabilities, recruitment of engineers, the establishment of personnel evaluation systems, and so on. I sympathize with the way that this company takes drastic technical selections logically and boldly, and considers things like overseas trends and usability. If engineers draw and create new forms of medical care then an engineer can save the life of a person. It is refreshing to be involved in such a concept. The process of contributing to the creation of such a novel and socially contributable concept is the future of engineering and is what I am most attracted to.

Devang ThakorExternal Advisor

Devang Thakor received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from UCLA and then developed gene therapy, stem cell, and biomaterial technologies for spinal cord injury and chronic pain at UCLA, Kyoto University, and Harvard Medical School. He currently runs Anioplex, LLC, which consults on business development and strategy, research design, data dissemination, and fundraising for start-ups, global corporations, venture capital firms, and universities. Additionally, he advises the SPARK translational medicine program at Stanford University and studies law at Santa Clara University. His goal is to promote innovation at all levels and crystallize basic science to products that improve the world.