We recognize that the personal information we have acquired from our customers and other stakeholders for our business activities (development, maintenance, and operation of treatment applications and the mobile health programs for supporting health management) is your valuable property. So, we fulfill our social responsibilities by properly protecting and managing personal information in the following ways.

1. Acquisition of personal information

We acquire personal information fairly and legally, and only the person with authority in the business will use such information only to the extent necessary for the specific purpose.

2. Use of personal information

We take measures so that the personal information we obtained will not be used beyond the purpose of use.

3. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with laws and regulations, national guidelines, and other norms and social conventions regarding the handling of personal information.

4. Management of personal information

We have established a system to keep personal information accurate and up to date, take appropriate safety measures against unauthorized accesses, leakage, loss, damage, and other risks, and take corrective actions promptly when a problem arises.

5. Response to your inquiries

We have set up a contact desk for inquiries regarding personal information, and respond sincerely to any complaints or consultations from customers.

6. Continuous improvement

We have established a system to manage the protection of personal information, and regularly evaluate and review the system to improve it.

President and Representative Director
Kohta Satake

Contact desk for personal information
CureApp Security Management Team

March 31, 2017: Established and enforced
October 1, 2019: Latest version

Handling of personal information

CureApp, Inc. ("CureApp") respects personal privacy and handles personal information (according to the definition in the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information) with great care.

Company name

CureApp, Inc.
President and Representative Director: Kohta Satake
Address: Kodenma-Cho YS building 4th floor 12-5, Nihonbashi Kodenma-Cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Person responsible for protecting personal information

CureApp Security Management Team Leader
TEL: 03-6231-0183

Items of personal information to be obtained by CureApp

CureApp obtains the following personal information from the inquiry form ("this Form").

  1. ・Your name
  2. ・Email address
  3. ・Phone number
  4. ・Your company's name

[Purpose of using personal information]

The purposes of using your personal information are as follows. The information will not be used beyond the purposes of use.

  1. ・To reply to your inquiries
  2. ・To inform you of exhibitions and seminars that our company exhibits at or hosts
  3. ・To provide various information on products and services offered by our company
  4. ・To enable our sales department to contact you

Providing personal information to third parties

CureApp will not provide personal information obtained from this Form to any third party except as required by law. When CureApp is required to provide personal information to a third party, the company will obtain the consent of the person in advance.

Consignment regarding the handling of personal information

In some cases, CureApp outsources the handling of all or part of personal information obtained from customers to a third party (e.g., in the case of outsourcing the management of data containing personal information).

In such a case, CureApp concludes a confidentiality agreement or similar, which has the content equivalent to the company's information management standards, with the contractor in question in advance. Also, CureApp provides appropriate and necessary supervision to ensure the proper handling and safety management of such personal information by such contractor.

Procedures for disclosing personal information

Customers can request CureApp to disclose, notify the purpose of use, suspend the use, correct, add, delete, and stop the provision to a third party of the obtained personal information (according to the definition in the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information). Contact our company's personal information consultation desk for specific procedures.

Voluntariness of providing personal information

Providing personal information is voluntary. However, if you do not enter the necessary items in the form, we may not be able to respond appropriately to your inquiry.

Personal information consultation desk
CureApp Security Management Team Leader
Tel.: 03-6231-0183

Established: October 1, 2019