Creating the Future of Treatment with an Application

The effectiveness of this form of treatment is recognized in Japan in the same way as current ordinary medical treatments. We are developing "Digital Therapeutics" which is an application that is prescribed by a doctor. For diseases such as lifestyle diseases, mental illness and many disease groups that have had limitations in conventional medical intervention, our company allows for intervention throughout daily life with the use of an application that provides guidance based on an accumulation of medical knowledge and research. With the software you create, you are able to be involved in our novel "treatment" which is an essential part of medical therapy that has never existed before. Let's come together to pave the way for a new method of medical treatment in Japan.

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Available Positions
Nurse, Health Coach
Things We Cherish
Compassion Towards Our Vision

We are passionate about our vision of "creating the future of treatment with an application” and desire to work together on that creation.

Our Attitude Toward Problem-Solving

The process of aiming to create a different world is a continuous task. We will not stop nor will we fear the challenge. We will never give up and will continue to output solutions in a step by step manner.

A Positive Mindset

We are still small, have limited resources and number of tasks to achieve. To believe in our vision and the world we are aiming to create, among other things, we must proceed positively.


We value and stress Humility, Respect and Trust and will advance and create as a team.

Fit in to the Team Atmosphere

Different personalities and strengths merge and complement one another to facilitate creation. Let's work together as friends(in a good sense) "Somehow a horse will fit*”

*Japanese Idiom; Somehow we will all get along.

Strong Growth motivation and Ambition

We also have goals for ourselves, and the company will spare no effort in order to help you grow towards the realization of your goals.

New Possibilities/Initiatives Ambitiousness

Do not get stuck on what you can do right now, actively address new technologies, products, and services by calculating backwards from the kind of world you are aiming to achieve.

Cherish Your Family

If your QOL is not high, you aren’t able to raise the QOL of your patient. Through this way of thinking, we actively support achieving a good home/work balance.

Let's Be Globally Active!

We aim to treat patients all over the world. Those who want to create global standards for new medical care are welcome.